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Top 5 best puppy food for Labs/Labrador Puppies Reviews 2020


Labrador Retrievers are working dogs originating from the North Atlantic region of Canada. Labradors were originally bred as fishing dogs trained to aid fishermen, for hauling nets, retrieving fish, and fetching ropes. From their work origin, Labradors are excellent swimming dogs but also well suited for various jobs like hunting and retrieving, searching, rescuing, or assisting.

Labradors are friendly dogs who develop strong emotional attachments in a family setting which makes them great with children. Labradors do not require excessive grooming like regular hair cutting; brushing their coats at least four times a week and bathing them every two months makes them easy to maintain. The only downside in maintaining a Labrador is their excessive fur shed. Labradors are known for having three fur colors; Yellow, Black, Chocolate and are rarely known for their fox-red and polar-white fur colors.

What to feed your Labrador puppy?

Feeding Labradors can sometimes go off-scale in their consumption rates and other feeding factors. Their meals should be on a fixed routine/diet to ensure stable healthy growth. Feeding habits of Labradors varies; it could be due to size, weight, metabolism, etc. Labradors have rapid growth spurts between the age of four and seven months.

How much to feed a Labrador puppy?

When feeding your Labrador puppy, meals containing low calories are recommended to help minimize the growth spurt and help in strengthening the bones. Labrador puppies should eat about 2-3 times a day, measured with an 8 ounce (0.24 liters) cup. Adult Labradors consume less.

Here’s the list of top 5 best dog foods for Labradors.

#1 Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Labrador Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Labrador Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food

This enriched quality dog meal supplies high nutritional content to keep your Labrador healthy. As active/working dogs, Labradors have a high consumption rate which should be controlled by a strict diet. Royal Canin Labrador dog food has been formulated at the right proportional quantity for your Labrador’s consumption. Labradors are sporty dogs that require a lot of energy and strong bones to perform efficiently well, that’s why Royal Canin Labrador dog food is enriched with EPA and DHA formulas to strengthen your Labrador’s bones and supports its growth spurt.

Their sleek fur also requires complex nutrients to maintain their fur’s thick rich texture and helps reduce excessive shedding. Royal Canin Labrador dog food helps regulate your Labrador’s growth spurt and weight. Containing proper amount of calories and nutrients Royal Canin Labrador dog food prevents your dog from becoming overweight.

+ Pros 

  • High-quality dog food with a balanced nutritional level
  • Specially made for purebreds Labrador Retrievers
  • Improves bone density with EPA and DHA formulas
  • Enriched with nutrients for skin and coat

– Cons

  • Some Labs don’t like the favor and also might be allergic

What makes this dog food suitable for purchase?

Royal Canin is a trusted brand in the industry, created since 1968. It specializes in the manufacture of quality and customized assortments of dry and wet food. Feedback from pet owners is generally good and the food is recommended by veterinarians around the world.

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#2 Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken

Wellness Core is renowned for its exclusive mixture of meat in their dog foods. Their dog food formulation takes into consideration a dog’s primal consumption diet with its natural fresh meat. Wellness Core Original is enriched with natural chicken and turkey meat giving your Labrador a highly rich protein nutritional value. Formulated in the Wellness Core Original pack are also super-foods and nutritional supplements help to keep your Labrador active and healthy while performing its daily routine.

Due to the Labrador’s growth spurt and other factors, feeding guidelines vary and should, therefore, be rationed or regulated according to your Labrador’s size, growth, weight, etc. It is the best Grain Free puppy food for Labrador puppies.

+ Pros

  • Contains natural ingredients, proteins and vegetables
  • It’s grain-free, with no wheat, corn, soy
  • Enriched with antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals

– Cons

  • Some dogs developed allergies or flatulence

What makes this dog food suitable for purchase?

This food has good nutritional value. Wellness Core Original contains three key nutrients: Turkey: an excellent source of high-quality protein & fatty acids, Chicken Liver: a highly rich Source of Vitamins A, D, B-Vitamins and Flaxseed; rich in Omega-3, supports healthy skin & coat.

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#3 Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend With Probiotics Adult Dry Dog FoodPurina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend With Probiotics Adult Dry Dog Food

With chicken as its no.1 flavor, SAVOR adult shredded blend chicken & rice formula provides probiotics to support your Labrador‘s digestive system. SAVOR adult shredded blend chicken & rice formula is made in hard kibble sizes that have been combined in tender and shredded pieces for your Labrador to chew.

Aside from its high nutritious protein value, the food is enriched with Omega-6 fatty acids.  With real chicken and rice, this food has a good flavor for your dog, offering balanced nutrition.

+ Pros

  • High-quality protein composition, with chicken and rice
  • Mixed texture kibbles, both crunchy and tender
  • Has a probiotic fiber formula for a good digestive health
  • Enriched with vitamin A and linoleic acid for skin and coat

– Cons

  • Some dog owners have complained about recent changes in formula and smell, and some dogs no longer like it

What makes this dog food suitable for purchase?

High protein dog foods are always a good pick for Labradors. This dog food is suitable for purchase because of the high protein content present in this product which would make your pup healthy and active throughout the day. Makes your Labrador strong and gives long life too.

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#4 Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Oatmeal

Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Dry Food has a formula reduced in calories but with complete nutrition for your dog. It’s made with deboned chicken, flaxseed (fiber and omega fatty acids), spinach, peas, and blueberries. Wellness Complete Health De-boned Chicken & Oatmeal is formulated with antioxidants and vitamins which help your Labrador have a good immune system.

+ Pros

  • Essential levels of vitamins and minerals for healthy skin and coat
  • A balanced formula with proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for good energy
  • Supports the immune system

– Cons

  • Some dogs don’t like the taste and refuse to eat it
  • Poor quality of the package

What makes this dog food suitable for purchase?

The blend of proteins and nutrients supports balanced nutrition, making this food the perfect fit for your dog’s digestive health and immune system.

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Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult

Known for its top ratings from dog owners around the world, Hill’s Science is a dog food with 18% lower calories that contains L-carnitine for balanced bodyweight, good mobility and strong heart. It’s made from high-quality protein and fibers. The omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E keeps a healthy skin the coat shiny

Formulated with natural ingredients, Hill’s Science Diet provides your Labrador the nutrition he needs for a healthy life. Every bag of Hill’s Science Diet dog food is made in their US facilities with the highest quality ingredients from North America, Europe, and New Zealand. This food is free from artificial ingredients making it a good choice for Labradors.

+ Pros

  • Balanced nutrition level with good amounts of protein and fibers
  • Natural ingredients
  • Completely free from artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors
  • Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E contributes to healthy joints and good mobility

– Cons

  • Some dogs are not tempted by this food’s taste and smell

What makes this dog food suitable for purchase?

This dog food is an appropriate meal for your adult Labrador because it is prepared with a set composition so that your Labrador’s bone joints are taken care of perfectly and mobility is ensured at all times. One good reason to purchase this dog food is that it is completely free from artificial flavors or colors or preservatives making it a natural and healthy food to feed your pup at all times.

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What is the first thing to be considered while buying food for your Labrador?

There are multiple things to be considered while purchasing dog food for Labradors especially. But according to me, no matter what breed of dog you raise, make sure that you choose the right food which your pup is comfortable with. The first thing to be considered while you choose food for your Labrador is that the food must be suitable for your pup’s body condition and digestive system. If the food is adaptable for your pup, then the hardest part is over. The rest comes easily.

Does my dog’s age and size influence the choice?

Yes, definitely. The selection of dog food must be made based on your pup’s age and size. You cannot feed your one-year-old pup with adult dog foods and you cannot feed baby pup’s food to your adult dog. The nutrition wouldn’t adapt well and at times, digestion problems might even occur. The dog food manufacturers usually design foods by classifying them well based on their size and age. So make sure you read the description well before purchasing your pup’s food. If the dosage is not chosen correctly, it might lead to digestion issues in small pups and malnutrition issues in large adult dogs.

Why should I prefer gluten-free dog food?

Glutens are like wheat, rye, and barley. When they say, gluten-free dog food then looks for dog foods that do not comprise of those in their ingredients. People might wonder why should we avoid such healthy ingredients in our dog’s food. But the fact is, it is a healthy ingredient for humans not for dogs. It can cause disorders like gastro-intestinal, itchiness, and ear infections at times too. But there are lucky times when your pup is okay with gluten foods too. In that case, you need not worry about it. Just check whether your pup is fine with gluten-containing dog foods then you are good to go.

Proteins seem to be an important aspect of dog food. Why?

Proteins are a part of building our body in the healthiest way possible. For dogs, proteins ensure muscle growth, body growth, fur care, and activeness based on their appetite. If you want your pup to be active, healthy, and fur fall free, then proteins are an ideal inclusion. When you feed your pup with high protein-containing foods, then you need not feed him with more quantity. If you think your pup is in an obese state, then switching to high protein foods might do help in burning calories and retaining health.


Why do we prefer grain-free dog foods?

Grain-free dog foods centrally don’t mean cutting off important nutrients. It means that highly nutritious food substances take up the upper hand in terms of composition and make sure that your pup eats less food but becomes energetic and healthy quickly. If great nutrients are yielded from a little amount of food, it would ultimately result in lesser stools which might be an advantage for the dog owners. It saves a lot of trouble! The main preference is due to the presence of healthy nutrients that would keep your pup healthy and fit. It also helps in gaining a shinier fur coat and if you are pup is shedding too much, it would help in reducing that problem too.

What is the need for high protein dog foods?

As the name suggests, it is simple to understand that high protein in your dog’s food is mandatory. But the reason behind the importance and need is that they serve as a building block of your dog’s bone and body mass. Right from their growing stage and even older stage, dogs require healthy proteins to boost their energy and growth. In that case, high protein dog foods are ideal inclusions to the food practice. Proteins are safe and important vitals for a dog’s growth. But make sure that you do not feed too much of proteins because too much of anything is good for nothing.

Are Labradors sensitive to food change?

Yes. Of course. Every dog is sensitive to sudden changes in their food practices. Not only Labradors, but every breed would also display sensitive symptoms to sudden food change. It is mandatory to follow food changes in a systematic way. Like including the new food slowly into your pup’s food routine so that you can test whether your dog is allergic to the selected brand. Do not take the sensitivity symptom lightly because that might even end up in a complete disaster. Act upon it at the earliest by consulting a veterinarian to save your pup from any pain or disorder.

What type of dog food would be suitable for large adult dogs?

No matter which pet you raise, it becomes a need that you have to increase the food quantity and the nutrient content associated with it. For large adult dogs, you might want to switch to dog foods which are designed especially for their growth level and appetite. It does not mean that if you feel them more, it would be enough for large adult dogs. The quantity is not the one that needs to be changed. The nutrition level must be monitored and analyzed to pick the right food for your pup when he has reached the adult point of growth.

Labrador puppies are intelligent, cute, and loving to have. So when you get to raise them, be sure of what you feed them. Choosing what to feed might be the hardest part of raising a pup in general. When it comes to raising a Labrador pup then this article would help you ensure that you feed your pup with the absolute nutrition it needs. The added advantage is that you also give your pup a flavorful meal every day.

So go ahead and choose the right pick for your pup to ensure its healthy growth and appetite. The above-mentioned foods are the best in class and also render a high nutrient value. I hope you like my best puppy food for labs.

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