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How to put on the easy walk harness: Step by Step Tutorial


Deciding to implement dog harnessing is not the end of the process. Making sure that the dog harness vest is put on your dog perfectly is where the importance lies. Trust me! That’s not an easy process. You have got to have a strong will to complete the task. I will be helping you today to make sure that you follow the proper way in doing so. Because it is important to put on a dog harness in the right way as it might end up in serious injury if did wrong. So keep reading to excel the skill of dog harnessing!

Some pet lovers think that their harness is best. But most of the time your lovely dog may feel uncomfortable while he is sleeping, stepping and running due to improper fittings of the harness. Undoubtedly, you are providing your lovely pet dog with world-class foodies and shelters.

Once after going through this tutorial on how to put on an easy walk dog harness, you will be capable to offer your dog with the most pleasant and friendly environment.

Why it’s so important to “put on a dog harness” in right Way ?

If you put on dog harness in an appropriate manner, it would be beneficial not just for your dog but also for you.

  • The comfortable and easy walk harness lets your dog away from pulling the leash. Whenever your dog tries to pull, the harness redirects his attention towards you and steers the dog to the side.
  • Appropriate fitting of the harness across the dog chest is perfect for every sort of undertakings. While you teach your dog or whenever you heel during daily walks, harness assists you to a great extent to keep your dog under control.
  • Your dog never faces cloaking and wagging while he walks or runs, sleeps or stepping out. This is due to the appropriate way to put on a dog harness.
  • The harness also prevents your dog from the fatal injuries to the trachea, in case he has a tendency to pull on the leash. You would also have greater control over your dog.

How to Put on the Easy Walk Dog Harness Tutorial

Have you decided to try the Easy walk harness because  you’re sick of your dog pulling you down the street during walks? You need for the most appropriate and easy walk harness which is also worth time spending with your dog.  If you are still searching for the appropriate ways for how to put on an easy walk harness, in this tutorial you will go through the step by step guidelines. All you need to do follow the entire array of guidelines and make your dog happy and fit.

There are two ways to wear the harness to your dog:

  1. Overhead dog harness
  2. Step in dog harness

Overhead Dog Harness

how to put on the easy walk harness

  • Make your dog sit upright and hold his head softly
  • Delicately insert the harness straps onto his neck
  • Buckle the harness straps slowly onto his body
  • Make sure the buckles are held in place such that your pet is not let loose and also not tightened too much
  • Attach the robe on to the strap buckles to take control

Step in dog harness: put on dog harness diagram 

put on dog harness diagram
put on dog harness diagram

  • Lay the dog harness after unbuckling it on the ground with two leg passages wide open
  • Hold your pet softly and place your dog’s paws in those passages
  • Slowly pull them up so that they are strapped on the right position
  • Buckle them up so that no hassle occurs. Because if you tighten it, your pet might wince and if its loose, you might want to repeat the process while your pup is restless.
  • Clasp the belt on to the buckle to control your dog while you train him

These methods are easy ways to put on a dog harness hassle free and I would suggest them to be the safest for both you and your beloved pet.

How to Put on the Easy Walk Dog Harness Video Tutorial

 Adjustment of easy dog harness

how to put on the easy walk harness

Adjust Shoulder Strap:

First, you should make sure you have fitted the easy walk harness properly. This is the actual base of the fit and provides your dog with a secure foundation during all his activities. Here are the easiest steps to follow—

  • First, you need to place the easy walk harness shoulder strap over your dog’s head.
  • Now adjust the shoulder strap in the way that connector rings should be above and behind the dog’s shoulder.
  • Then, you can snap the belly strap and adjust it so the harness is snug around the dog’s girth.
  • Connect the shoulder and belly strap. You should also make sure that both the straps have resembled in vertical alignment as much as possible.
  • Next, you should adjust the fit so that harness straps fit around your dog’s neck. Keep 1-2 fingers space between the strap and the dog’s body by having a snug fit.

If you are here to learn how to put on an easy walk harness, you should take proper care in the snug fit. It’s very important because the correct combination of shoulder and belly straps keeps the harness in place. Make sure the belly strap should not be free to rotate around the dog. It may feel your dog uncomfortable due to consistent chaffing and rubbing.

Adjust Chest Strap:

Once you have adjusted the belly and shoulder strap, you have next to learn how to adjust chest strap. It should be horizontal but make sure it’s not dropping down or easily ride up to the dog’s neck. Evenly change both the adjustors on the strap in the way so that the martingale loop remains in the center.

You should also make sure the harness has resembled along the sides in the shape T. If it is so, it means that you have successfully fitted the harness in an appropriate way. Then your next step is to clip the leash to the martingale loop.

You should also once keep one thing in your mind that the chest strap is connected with the belly or back strap in a dog’s middle body.

When you have the Easy Walk Harness fit correctly, the next very important part of this equation is how you handle the leash.

Use the Leash and Get Started For a Walk with Your Dog

Once you appropriately fitted the easy walk dog harness, the very next thing is to learn how to handle the leash.  Here is the most important section of the tutorial for how to put on the easy walk dog harness. Once you become perfect to handle the leash, you will surely get the best results with the easy walk harness training tutorial.

Hold the leash so that your dog gets enough leashes to walk along your side. By handling the leash, you would also have the full control over your dog to protect him from forging ahead.  Whenever your dog pulls the leash, you can be able to redirect your dog’s attention to you.

Once your dog comes back to your desired healing location, you can offer the best treatment to your dog before getting started to walk again. For the first time, your dog might not like to walk your way, but you need to have some patience. Due to consistent walking with an easy walk harness, your dog will gradually learn the correct way to walk with you.

Now that you have learned to put on the dog harness, the part where you put it right comes into picture. There might be occurrences where the way you buckle them might hurt your pet when you control him while training. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the length strap passage has to go around the neck so that your pet does not feel any stress son the neck when pulled. The image explains it clearly, so you can have a look at it to nail the art of putting on a dog harness.

Keep in mind that when your dog is strong and upset, you might end up on the floor. So make sure your pup is calm and composed when you put the vest on; else you might end up having the worst nightmare of your life. Know your dog’s mood, that’s all I can say!.With appropriate leash handling techniques and training, the easy walk dog harness will surely be an amazing tool to train your dog to walk on a leash.

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