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All About Hamsters: Perfect pet and a companion for life


For all those people who want to raise a pet, preferably an adorable one like hamster, this article might shed some light over your doubts and queries. Everything you need to know before you get yourself a hamster is written just for you. If you are ready to accept an adorable companion like hamster into your life, then keep reading this to know deep end details to prepare yourself thoroughly.

Regardless of whether you’ve never possessed one, you’ve without a doubt seen Golden Hamsters accessible available to be purchased in pet stores, or running around in a glass tank in an evaluation school study hall. In all honesty, notwithstanding the bounty of the textured little folks, they’ve all got close family ties.

They are more crepuscular than nighttime and, in the wild, stay underground amid the day to abstain from being gotten by predators. They feed principally on seeds, organic products, and vegetation, and will every so often eat tunneling insects. Physically, they are forceful bodied with recognizing highlights that incorporate lengthened cheek pockets reaching out to their shoulders, which they use to convey sustenance back to their tunnels, just as a short tail and hide secured feet.

Origin of Hamsters

origin of hamster

Hamsters are rodents (Rodentia) having a place with the subfamily Cricetinae, which contains 18 species grouped in seven genera. They have turned out to be built up as prevalent little house pets. The best-known types of hamster is the brilliant or Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus), which is the sort most ordinarily kept as pets. Other hamster species generally kept as pets are the three types of smaller person hamster, Campbell’s midget hamster (Phodopus campbelli), the winter white diminutive person hamster (Phodopus sungorus) and the Roborovski hamster (Phodopus roborovskii).

History of Hamsters

The most well-known rat pet, the Golden Hamster, is local to Syria. At one time, hamsters ran wild in that nation; inevitably, ranchers became burnt out on the critters uncovering their root vegetables, and prepared canines to chase them. Others found a productive exchange hamster hide. With every one of those seekers and poachers in real life, the hamster was believed to be terminated by the late 1920s.

Be that as it may, in 1930, a paleologist named Aaron Abrahams stumbled over a home containing a rat and 12 little children. He painstakingly transported them to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where they were recognized as Golden Hamsters. They were urged to breed under lab conditions, and as the primary litter developed, they were interbred. By 1938, the creatures were sent out to France, England, and the United States as pets. Also, in light of the fact that they were without malady and reared so quickly, the hamsters rapidly wound up esteemed in cardio-vascular research.

Every single Golden Hamster in imprisonment today can follow their underlying foundations back to that unique Syrian litter.

Types of Hamsters

These are the three most regular kinds of hamsters that are normally available to be purchased in pet stores. Various types of hamsters ought to never be kept together. A few hamsters are best as singular pets and some are social and appreciate the organization of others. On the off chance that you have various hamsters in a single pen, make certain to decide the sexual orientation of the hamster and go for just a single sex. On the off chance that you have blended sexes in one enclosure, you will probably have hamster babies soon.

Syrian hamsters

They are the most widely recognized sort kept as pets. These ought to be held one to a pen (they will battle whenever kept together). They can be very manageable and simple to deal with. Syrian hamsters can make amazing pets. They can be dynamic with incredible characters. Whenever raised and took care of appropriately they’ll be your companions forever.

Syrian hamsters should live without anyone else as they are regional warm blooded animals and will begin to battle with one another once they have achieved development, which is somewhere in the range of 8 and 12 weeks. Syrian hamsters are nighttime which implies that they are most dynamic during the evening, their future is somewhere in the range of 1 and 2 years, yet they have been known to live any longer.

Dwarf hamsters

dwarf hamster

They are also called as Campbell’s and winter white Russian hamsters, Roborovski hamsters. They are progressively social and are most likely better kept with others of similar species, yet they ought to be presented as a couple at a youthful age. Quick and nimble, they are somewhat harder to deal with.


Hamsters of assorted types make great first pets. The Syrian hamster likes to talk and inclines toward a ton of activity, too. Extravagant hamsters are a similarly adorable, short-haired variant of the well-known teddy bear hamster. What’s more, mountain bear hamsters look like smaller than expected wild bears, making them a most loved among youthful kids.

Chinese hamsters

chinese hamster

They are comparative in size to the smaller person hamsters however not a genuine midget hamster. Some of the time they coexist with other Chinese hamsters, however frequently they don’t. This sort will in general be very neighborly but at the same time is extremely brisk and dexterous. In its characteristic natural surroundings the Chinese Hamster lives in tunnels which it uncovers itself. A few tunnels have a solitary passage gap while others have two or even three doors.

The intricate tunnels with multi-passageways are destined to be the area of experienced, develop creature and it is most likely more youthful people that are in charge of the less complex tunnels. Inside the bigger tunnels one finds the fundamental living quarters and separate chambers for nourishment stockpiling and settling. Albeit Chinese Hamsters are wildly regional, these tunnels are frequently discovered extremely near one another, giving the deceptive impression of them living in settlements.

chinese hamster

Chinese Hamsters have gigantic inward cheek pockets. Chinese Hamsters gather colossal amounts of sustenance in their pockets, to exchange to their tunnels to devour in relative wellbeing. Chinese Hamsters are fantastic climbers, utilizing their marginally prehensile tail as a guide, in spite of the fact that in most regular pens they have little degree to exhibit their arboreal abilities. In the wild, Chinese Hamsters don’t rest persistently however stir now and again to eat put away nourishment. As the climate ends up colder, Chinese Hamsters go into profound rest and the interims between spells of waking become longer.

What does your Hamster need?

In bondage, as long as the confine is kept in a warm room, there is no motivation behind why your hamster(s) should endeavor to rest. On the off chance that the room temperature drops excessively low, it might fall into a torpor-like state and may even have all the earmarks of being dead. Under no circumstances should you enable this to occur. They need an enclosure of 59cm x 36cm x 25cm base size.

Hamsters are loaded with vitality and can keep running up to 4 miles in multi day, so an exercising wheel is fundamental to keep them upbeat. We suggest a base wheel size of 12″ – on the off chance that your hamsters is bending their back when running in their wheel, at that point it is excessively little and you ought to put resources into an enormous one to maintain a strategic distance from medical problems. It is the great side of the hamster.

Hmaster cage, House, Bedding, water bottle, nourishment bowl, sustenance, nourishment chews and so forth might also make your hamster’s day.

Hamster’s diet

A well-adjusted midget hamster diet comprises of fantastic lab squares, which contain the total supplements and nutrients a hamster needs. You can likewise give constrained measures of grain, vegetables, organic product, and Timothy roughage. Supplemental sustenance ought not surpass 10 percent of your hamster’s all out day by day diet to guarantee it is getting the right nourishment it needs to remain sound.

Notwithstanding new nourishment, try to supply your hamster with separated, without chlorine water day by day. Any vegetables and organic product not eaten inside 24 hours ought to be disposed of. What’s more, don’t bolster your smaller person hamster chocolate, caffeine, or liquor, as these sustenance things can cause genuine ailments. Likewise, maintain a strategic distance from sugar and high fat treats.

Why you should consider hamster as favorite pet

Hamsters are genuinely low support contrasted with different pets, yet it is fundamental that their needs be met. This can be as a hamster wheel inside the enclosure, and it’s likewise enjoyable to buy a hamster ball so your pet can investigate outside the pen, yet still be protected. It is critical to take extraordinary consideration of your hamster.

While felines and mutts might be top of the pets, hamster proprietors know how exceptional their fuzzy little companions can be. However, don’t be betrayed, similar to any pet they take a great deal of consideration and consideration are a major duty. When you are certain you can give your little companion the adoration and care he merits, be that as it may, they will take your heart.

Self substance:

While a pooch may bark and hop up and a feline may be forceful to house visitors, the hamster couldn’t mind less. She is glad enough dillydallying around her enclosure, filling her cheeks with nourishment and conceivably having a rest in the event that it is daytime.


In the event that you take a pooch for a walk it needs a great deal of unit – crap sacks, treats, neckline and lead, ball flinger, whistle. You need to stop to give it a chance to small up trees or tidy up its chaos. No such issue with a hamster, the little fella will either hop in its wheel or simply pop it in a hamster ball and let it go.


Desolate around evening time? These little crepuscular (it implies dynamic amid sundown) critters will stay with you (and conceivably keep you alert) while they play in their confine.


No gathering up heaps off crap with a plastic sack enclosed by you hand like a pooch proprietor. No steaming, runny wreckage either as their crap is modest little pellets. You can even get little hamster toilets.

Pros Of Hamsters

  • The primary genuine advantage of hamsters as pets is they’re easy to care for. With hamsters having been a center piece of the pet exchange for a considerable length of time, we currently have a wide combination of master hardware to make their consideration straightforward. We have, for instance, sacks of dry hamster sustenance, toys that have been tried for wellbeing and secure pens in which to keep your hamster. Therefore nothing about thinking about hamsters ought to be viewed as hard to ace.
  • A second star to hamsters as pets is that they are exceptionally perfect creatures. Most hamsters will rapidly start utilizing only one corner of their pen as a toilet. The remainder of the confine will be kept perfectly spotless. Because of this propensity, cleaning hamsters likewise turns out to be simple. One can “spot clean” only the latrine corner all the time (just scoop the region out with a trowel or dustpan) and afterward supplant the evacuated bedding. A full perfect is thusly vital far less frequently. Besides, for those with delicate noses, an appropriately thought about hamster is probably not going to create terrible scents, making them perfect for the home.
  • From a kid’s point of view, another advantage of hamsters is their cheek pockets, which can make them completely captivating to watch. Top off the sustenance bowl and watch your hamster hectically endeavoring to pack however much as could be expected into its pockets before bumbling back to its bed and storing the nourishment into a mystery “reserve”.

In conclusion, the way that hamsters are forceful towards each other is additionally, fairly strangely, an advantage. All things considered, when keeping numerous little warm blooded animals, for example, gerbils or mice it is kindest to keep at least two together for organization. With hamsters, in any case, the circumstance is by and large extraordinary. While they will live respectively as youths, following a couple of months, ridiculous fights can break out. Therefore it is ideal to keep hamsters alone. This makes for less expensive setup expenses and progressively unassuming estimated confines.

Cons of Hamsters

As should be obvious, hamsters have various angles that make them extraordinary pets. Anyway they are a long way from immaculate, which is one motivation behind why various individuals pick rather for one of the other little rodents much of the time experienced.

So as to give a reasonable perspective on hamsters as pets it bodes well presently to think about these drawbacks.

  • The first of these is that hamsters have very terrible vision. They will in general sense things unquestionably more by sound, smell and taste. This means hamsters are definitely more inclined to gnawing than most other pet rodents. Stick a finger through the enclosure bars and a hamster is probably going to dive its teeth into your skin so as to find if it’s consumable. It won’t consider you to be their attendant and simply overlook the finger.
  • The torment brought about by a hamster chomp ought not to be under-assessed, and it isn’t unprecedented for them to draw blood thus. More awful, in any case, particularly when the proprietor is a tyke, is that a couple of nibbles from a hamster can rapidly put you off a hamster. There have been various events where a youngster has become dreadful of their hamster in the wake of discovering it hanging off their finger a couple of too often.
  • The other drawback to hamsters is their nighttime way of life, which means they are moving around all as the night progressed. Similarly, they’ll go through the majority of the day nestled into except if they’re exasperates (where they’re regularly not exactly satisfied to be awoken).

This implies siting the confine appropriately is significant on the off chance that you or your kids are not to be kept wakeful around evening time. Having a hamster confine in your tyke’s room is thus most likely not the best prescription for an appropriate night’s rest.

Hamster – A pet for children

While numerous grown-ups select to keep pet hamsters, actually they are most regular among kids. Here they can assist youngsters with learning about duties towards living things, the significance of keeping the enclosure clean and the advantages of persistence when subduing their pet. Appropriately regulated by a grown-up, hamsters can make reasonable pets for hamsters. All things considered, for all intents and purposes every single pet shop stocks them so finding a reasonable hamster shouldn’t present any genuine issues. There is additionally a gigantic combination of hues accessible, so children will probably choose shading that suits them best.

Expecting that the hamster has been taken care of appropriately since early on, and your youngster is instructed how to hold it appropriately, chomps ought to be kept to a base. Fun can be had in choosing suitable gear, and exertion can be put into giving an intriguing and adjusted eating regimen for your pet (they will eat numerous natural products, vegetables and wild plants just as standard hamster seed blend).

Altogether, potential chomps aside, hamsters can make pleasant and low-support pets for kids when drawn closer in the right way. That said you, as the parent, will in any case need to manage the circumstance and guarantee that encouraging, cleaning and taking care of happens in proper occasions to keep your hamster in the most ideal condition.

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Jo is a proud owner of two dogs, a 5-year-old beagle, Juno, and a 4-year-old Hungarian Vizsla, Rina. 3 years ago, when she married Robert, the pet gang expanded with their cat Tom, who is now 6 years old. Jo is a freelance writer passionate about nutrition and healthy lifestyle, but her great "weakness" are pets. Nothing delights her more than when her advice proves valuable to readers. As a pet owner but also from the perspective of an excellent research writer, with an objective thinking, Jo aims to help pet parents to create a balanced environment, pleasant for the whole family, with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, positive motivation, and prevention.


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