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The 6 Best Dog Training Collars in 2020


Choosing the best training collar for your dog can be a little confusing. However, it is essential to make the right choice for your dogs to keep them safe and provide the proper training. 

 There are a variety of dog training collars available in the market like dog training collar swith remote, with multiple levels of stimulation, dog training collars with GPS, waterproof collars, and more.

 Various price ranges and features are available for dog training collars. Still, you have to look for the one which is needed for your dog and can suit your budget. You might be thinking that the most expensive dog training collar would be the best one, but it is not necessarily the one that your dog requires. For example, if your dog never goes swimming, there is no sense in buying a waterproof model.

 Save your money by identifying the right one for your pet.

#6 – Petrainer PET998DRB1Petrainer Dog Training Collar

This device is designed with a 330-yard range, which is suitable for the typical household dog. It can comfortably accommodate training in the backyard or a stroll to your nearby park.
 You do not need to concern about overstimulating as it has 100 levels, which are enough for most dogs.

+ Pros:

  • Rechargeable batteries for both the remote and the collar
  • Weatherproof
  • Quick and straightforward pairing process
  • Light Mode to assist seeing your dog in low light situations
  • Adjustable Collar Size from 15 to 22 inches, able to fit all size dogs 15lbs or larger
  • Power saving design with Automatic Standby and Memory Function

– Cons:

  • Some users find that it might not be practical for smaller dogs
  • It can be tricky to use on thick furry dogs

#6 – Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

PetUnion PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Collar

The Pet Union PT0Z1 is excellent for new pet owners or expert trainers who want to customize their canine training. Along with the product’s personalized training modes, the remote has an LCD display that shows relevant info, a battery with a long life, and a range of 1000 to 1200 feet.
 For proper dog training, this would be a great choice as it is both user friendly and reliable at all times.

+ Pros:

  • Rechargeable and long-lasting battery life
  • 100 levels of vibration and static simulation
  • Huge LCD remote with adjustable shock and 4 modes
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

– Cons:

  • Sensitive remote
  • Durability issues reported by some users

 #4 – TBI Pro dog training collarTBI Pro Dog Training Collar

This dog training collar is designed for small, medium, and large dogs with high-tech recharging capacity. It will help you control excessive barking without harming your dog.
 TBI Pro 2019 collars are known for their usage for even long-distance reach as their connectivity is excellent. 

+ Pros:

  • The system can pair 2 receivers at the same time.
  • Beep mode for boost walking & leash training
  • Vibration mode used to correct barking & disobedience
  • Fully charged indicator

– Cons:

  • Hard to read remote in bright light

#3 – Wolfwill Humane No-Shock Remote Dog Training Collar:
Best No-Shock Collar

Woolfwill Humante Remote Training Collar

 We know that shock collars are not for everyone, which is understandable. Pet owners do have other options if they still want to develop healthy behavior, like this no-shock collar from Wolfwill, that only uses tones and vibration.

 Feature-wise it has everything you need from a humane training collar, like IPX7 waterproof rating, LCD backlit remote with a 600-yard range, and large capacity battery.

+ Pros:

  • 3 working modes: vibration, tone, and light
  • 16 levels of vibration
  • Fully waterproof
  • Hanging neck strap

– Cons:

  • Stiff and bulky collar can be difficult for small dogs to wear
  • Not suitable for more aggressive or stubborn dogs

#2 – Dog Care Training Collar

DOGCARE Dog Training Collar

DOG CARE claims that they have their own lab where they study pet behavioral psychology to explore better communication methods between humans and their pets.
 They use special technology that supports a stable and robust signal for multiple training environments. Their training collars are created with low voltage, making sure that they will not hurt your pet.

+ Pros:

  • Security keypad to avoid accidental triggers
  • Waterproof
  • Good instruction manual
  • Durable collar strap

– Cons:

  • The receiver is a bit bulky. However, this would be an issue only for smaller dogs

#1 – Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

 The Educator e-collars stands out from the rest by using a proprietary stimulation that is less stressful for a dog compared to a standard shock collar.

This stimulation feels more like a strong tap than a shock. It can have 100 user-selectable levels, with an additional 60 boost levels.

This e-collar includes an ergonomic remote with a range of 1/2 mile that is both waterproof and shock-resistant, just like the collar. It’s also able to control a tracking light on the collar, which you can use to locate your dog in dark areas.

 Another noteworthy feature is the Pavlovian Tone that you can use to first send a tone before the stimulation. That way, your dog can learn to respond to the sound rather than the stimulus itself.

+ Pros: 

  • Less stressful, proprietary stimulation technology
  • Shock-resistant and waterproof
  • Pavlovian Tone feature
  • Ergonomic, stopwatch style remote design
  • Tracking light

– Cons:

  • More expensive than the usual shock collars
  • Could be challenging to charge


  Over the years, dog training methods have varied broadly. The advanced dog training solutions have helped many dogs to move away from harsh punishments. 

Here are some benefits that you can get if used correctly.

Improves Your Dog’s Behavior From a Distance

Most of the dog owners need to train them by being close to them. But with a good dog training collar, you can also correct your dog’s behavior when you are at a distance from them, or you are not right next to them. This makes the technique perfect for training your dog to respond to off-leash commands. You might not be able to get the behavior of your dog you want without a collar.

Helps in Place of Your Voice Commands

There are even some dogs who do not respond to verbal commands. Therefore, they will not obey you in the way you want. If your dog does not cooperate with verbal commands, a pet trainer shock collar might be the best way to make them understand what to ignore.

Works in Your Absence

There might be times when you are not there to give commands. A good dog training shock collar can deliver the best results, even in your absence. This is quite vital for the safety of your dog and his/her good behavior as well. For instance, a collar integrated with an invisible fence can keep your dog from running into a busy street. It can also stop its aggressive barking or behavior. If these things are not checked appropriately, there is a chance that other people might harm your dog to retaliate.

Decreases Aggression

The dogs who have aggressive behavior regularly can get into serious trouble. For aggressive behaviors, gentle training techniques might not work at all. Also, your dog’s aggression might not be his or her fault as it often comes from previous living conditions. For instance, the dogs who have been abused might develop aggressive behaviors. These dogs can be appropriately trained to enable them to live a long and happy life. However, aggression requires to be taken seriously and checked right away. A dog training collar allows you to effectively prevent aggression without putting yourself at harm. You can also get a clear signal whenever he or she does something aggressive, even when you are not around. This way, it helps you to prevent dog fights and even worse situations from occurring.

Gives Immediate Feedback

One of the toughest parts of training a dog is providing them feedback at the correct time. During that time, punishments and rewards need to be given right away to make your dog know what behavior to relate them with. When you use other training methods, it can be hard to make things right. A training collar can give the correct information when the need persists.

Affordable Cost

You can find dog training collars as one of the most affordable training tools for dogs. Purchasing this, you can save a lot of your money on dog school and other training investments. There is, of course, a wide range of prices is available. But it has been found that even a very basic dog collar is highly effective if used with the right methods.

Eliminate Dog Punishments

Positive reinforcement usually works better than punishment in most types of training. It is acceptable that you might require to use punishment sometimes if your dog’s behavior is unacceptable. Your sanctions can ruin the bond between both of you, and it will thereby lead to difficulty in training your dog in the future. You can also punish your dog if he or she shows bad behavior without making them afraid of you.

Some tips to remember when buying training collars for dogs:

  • Make sure you obtain the proper collar that is suitable for your dog as the wrong collar can harm your pet.
  • Make sure the training shock collar is designed for the weight of your dog because some collars are made for small dogs, and some are made for larger dogs
  • Always start at the lowest setting and move up from there. You do not want to have the settings too high. Start low and test from there for best results and safety
  • Always follow the directions from the manufacturer. Until you read through how to use it correctly, do not do anything with the shock collar
  • Typically, it is not a good idea to use a shock collar with dogs that are skittish or shy. A shock collar can hurt this kind of dog and make them even more anxious
  • Never use shock collars for dogs as a punishment tool. Shock collars are meant to correct behavior and help you while training your dog. They are not intended to be used every three seconds when your dog does something wrong.

How do I choose the best e-collar for my dog?

It is crucial to choose the best e-collar for your unique condition to make their training effective and safe. You have to consider the weight and temperament of your dog when selecting your new e-collar. The personality of your dog plays a huge role in deciding which kind of collar is best for your condition.

Are e-collars safe for my dog?

Most people would consider e-collars both humane and safe for their dogs. They are highly recommended by many veterinarians and dog training experts as well. The stimulation that your dog gets from an e-collar is much like the static shock we experience when we scoot our feet along a carpeted area and then touch something metal. The sensation is not painful or harmful, as it is just unpleasant.

Dog owners must do research very well before they purchase a dog training collar, as this is a crucial decision to make. 

Picking the wrong dog training collar might put your pet’s life at risk.

If you are interested in the best shock collars on the market right now you can also check our Top 5 Best Dog Shock Collars With Remote article.

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