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Best 12 Cat Carriers for All Your Needs in 2020: How to Choose


Transporting your cat can be a challenge if you do not have the right carrier for your needs. While it is often a joy for dogs to go on the road, cats are usually more sensitive to changes in the environment. Any departure from home can be a source of stress, so you need to make sure that your cat has a safe and pleasant journey, wherever you have to go.

We also know that for cat owners picking one from hundreds of products on the market could be an exhausting task that can take a lot of time. Therefore, here is our choice of the best carriers for cats in 2020: suited for various needs and picked from hundreds of products on the market, which will make your decision easier.

Best Airline Travel Approved Cat Carrier:
Sherpa Original Deluxe
Cat Carrier Sherpa Original Deluxe

Sherpa pet carrier has a patented spring wireframe, which allows the rear end to be easily pushed under the airplane seats. Mesh windows are included on the top and sides to provide enough air for your cat, and it also has a pocket for treats or toys storage.

Locking zippers have been incorporated for safety and an adjustable, padded, and no-slip strap for carrying comfort. After use, you can machine-wash the cozy and removable faux lambskin liner, which is included. This carrier is approved by airlines, and it’s also safe and comfortable for car rides.

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Best Car Travel Cat Carrier: 
 Mr. Peanut’s Gold Series

Cat Carrier Mr Peanuts Gold Series

Mr. Peanut’s carrier looks to be designed for both safety and comfort, with a sturdy base and enough ventilation inside. It’s made from high-quality waterproof nylon material and provides a bedding pad made from plush faux fleece, which is removable and machine washable.

The carrier comes in three sizes that fit cats from 8 up to 22 pounds. A strong plywood base makes the carrier steady, and the seat belt safety straps double its stability when traveling by car. This cat carrier also meets airline requirements. 

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Best Soft Sided Cat Carrier: 
Purrpy Premium 

Cat Carrier Purrpy Premium

The Purrpy is a cool soft-sided pet carrier suited for various travel needs. It has a comfy interior, with a soft fleece pad and generous mesh windows for proper ventilation. The exterior looks pretty and practical; it has several pockets for storing essentials and a name tag for easy identification.

For your cat’s safety, Purrpy carrier offers lockable zippers, seatbelt loops, and reflective stripes. You can carry it in different ways: by hand, across the shoulder, and through the suitcase handle, while walking, by car or even by plane because it’s airline approved. After use, you can fold it flat and store it to save some space.

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Best Hard Sided Cat Carrier: 
Petmate Sky Kennel 

Cat Carrier Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky Kennel is a heavy-duty portable carrier that comes in 6 sizes, from 21″ to 48″ and can hold up to 125 lbs. With windows on each side, it provides an excellent airflow, and its locking vault door ensures proper security. It has an army looking style, ready to travel by any means of transport and features durable, high-quality plastic made from recycled materials.

The purchase includes a few accessories: two clip-on food and water bowls, “Live Animal” and Pet ID stickers. Petmate Sky Kennel also meets most airline cargo requirements, unlike the other carriers listed; however, you should always check your airline regulations. 

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Best Backpack Cat Carrier: 

Cat Carrier PETRIP Backpack

A backpack is always a great alternative when you have to walk more or have other luggage with you that will occupy your hands. The Petrip backpack has a fresh design, with a window-type capsule for your cat to admire the landscape and turn all the admiring eyes of passers-by. It has plenty of space, suited for cats up to 22 lbs, and it’s adequately ventilated, with nine big holes and mesh on the sides.

It’s also an eco-friendly carrier, made from good quality and durable materials, waterproof and easy to clean. The padded shoulder straps and the chest buckle make the backpack comfortable to wear, distributing the weight evenly. With the purchase, you will receive a folding cup as a gift, for water or food, so you’ll be ready for your journey. 

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Best Cat Carrier With Wheels:
Gen7 Compact Roller

Cat Carrier Gen7 Compact Roller

Another type of cat carrier is a wheeled one, a more suitable option when the weight of wearing it on your back or shoulder gets to you. Gen7Pets presents a compact and lightweight roller-pet carrier with a “Smart Level” platform design to tilt and ensure a stable position while being pulled. Its wheels roll smoothly, providing a pleasant ride, and the telescopic handle pulls and retracts easily. It comes with some useful features, such as side pockets, mesh windows, and doors on top and front, all zippered for easy access.

A quick advice, be careful when pulling the carrier on uneven ground, your cat may be frightened by the noise and shaking produced. The wheeled transporter also converts to a backpack, making it more manageable on any kind of journey.

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Best Pouch Bag Cat Carrier: 
 Cat-in-the-bag Cozy Comfort

Cat Carrier Cat in the bag Cozy Comfort

We mainly recommend using this pouch bag cat carrier during short rides or vet controls, but also for home grooming or treatment administration. Cat-in-the-bag carrier is a spacious and comfortable pouch, simple to use, and can carry cats weighing about 10 pounds or more.

The bag has a handle that you can also use as a shoulder or seat belt strap during your ride. It features an adjustable Velcro collar for any size of neck and an unzipping bottom that allows the bag to open wide for easy access. It’s made from 100 percent cotton, machine-washable, and it comes in 8 different cool colors that you can match as you like.

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Best Sling Cat Carrier: 
Cuby Cat

Cat Carrier Cuby Cat Sling Carrier

This carrier offers another way of transporting your cat, with a thick and fixed strap that loops over your shoulder, making it natural for the weight to spread evenly. At the same time, your pet rests comfy close to you, enjoying your attention.

Cuby Cat Sling carrier features an adjustable belt that you can buckle up from collar for more safety while you are on the road. The bag is reversible, comes in various patterns and colors, and is made from a soft light cotton, non-toxic and machine-washable. It is an excellent way of transport for any pet that needs to be carried, for a walk or any other outdoor adventures. 

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Best Top Loading Cat Carrier: 
The PetLuv Premium

Cat Carrier PetLuv Premium

PetLuv Cat Carrier comes with a spacious design and almost all the necessary features for a pleasant and secure trip. It has a good airflow from all-around and openable windows, made from breathable mesh, and equipped with closable flaps when your cat needs a more private environment. Its adjustable and padded shoulder straps make transportation less uncomfortable, and the seatbelt loops are there for your car rides.

The carrier has three side access panels and one big top opening for smooth, stress-free loading and unloading. And for an extra comfortable and anxiety-free ride, PetLuv comes with a plushy, removable, and washable pillow.

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Best Carrier For Multiple Cats: 
One for Pets Portable 2-in-1
Cat Carrier One for Pets Portable 2in1

For multiple cats, here is a useful double cat carrier that you can manage in three ways: as one roomy space, as two connected but divided compartments, or as two separate carriers. It’s car-friendly, it comes equipped with straps for seatbelt connection, and it fits perfectly in the back seat of most cars.

Some of its extra features are a water bottle holder, washable pads, hooks for hanging hammocks (hammocks are not included). The carrier it’s foldable, easy to store, and comes with two individual carry cases.

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Best Expandable Cat Carrier: 
Coopeter Luxury

Cat Carrier Coopeter Luxury

For some extra space, you can opt for a side expansion carrier for your cat to move around, relieving the feeling of being enclosed. This expandable carrier is made from high-quality fabric and has sturdy handles to carry with confidence. A shoulder strap will allow you to hold it easy, and the metal wire frame sides keeps it in a stable position at all times.

The carrier can be safely used in a car or hung on the trunk of your suitcase, making it easy to carry. Your cat can sleep, rest, or even play in this extended soft-sided padded carrier, at home or when you are visiting. Furthermore, it has two useful pockets for storage, a washable liner, and it’s foldable and easy to store.

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Best All-in-One Multifunctional Cat Carrier:
ibiyaya 5 in 1

Cat Carrier ibiyaya Multifunctional 5in1

Last but not least, we present to you this five in one multi-functional cat carrier that has it all! You can handle it as a shoulder carrier, backpack, car seat, rolling carrier, or as a stroller. If you often take your cat with you on various trips or you simply like to go for walks or hikes together, this can be an excellent carrier because it fits all needs. It’s simple to assemble it and to switch between each function.

The transporter has a hard bottom, ventilation holes, and mesh windows for proper airflow, storage pockets, locking zippers, and a large door with roll-up flap. The stroller has a front-wheel that spins 360 degrees allowing smooth maneuverability and an adjustable handle height.

Overall, this is a carrier ready for any kind of journey, which will pamper your cat and increase your mobility and comfort. 

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How to choose a suitable carrier for your cat

Choosing the best cat carrier for your furry friend is not easy. A suitable cat carrier must be safe, practical, and comfortable. It should be designed to make it more accessible to travel with your pet wherever you have to. The following are some guidelines to help you choose the right carrier for your cat.

Pick one suited for your travel needs.

Depending on the means of transport, the type and purpose of the trip, or your travel necessities, you need to select the best-suited cat carrier for the job. Ensure that your picked carrier is airline approved if you are more likely to travel by air and that it has seat belt straps if you travel by car. A backpack carrier or an across the shoulder bag is ideal for long walks or hikes. If you worry about the weight, select a wheeled carrier or a stroller.  

Check the size and weight capacity.

Before you buy a cat carrier, ensure that it has the proper dimension. Your cat needs to have enough room to rest and lay but not too much too rattle around because it will not be secure. Every carrier has weight and size specs, so we recommend taking all your cat’s measurements and check them with the product. 

Look for high-quality and safe materials.

There are various cat carriers in the market, but not all are durable and well-made. Find that products that are manufactured from superior materials, with high-quality textiles, window meshes, and zippers. The bottoms and sides should be firm so that the bag can be stable and hold up at all times. It should also be easy to clean and to maintain. For safety reasons, choose a carrier equipped with lockable zippers, solid doors, or belts that you can buckle up from collar.

Find your must-have key features.

What is a must-have for your ideal cat carrier? Ask yourself what features will make your life easier when you are traveling and what you would prefer to have. You should choose a carrier with enough storage pockets if you want to carry treats and other essentials. If you don’t have enough room at home, look for a foldable one. If your cat is easily frightened when traveling, select a carrier that has closable flaps, and so on.

It must be easy to get your cat inside.

Getting your cat inside a carrier can be quite simple for some cats or a real nightmare for others. Ensure that the transporter you choose has proper access points, to make it more manageable. You can select a top-loading carrier or one with multiple entrance options. The zippers should open to the end to give you proper access to your furry friend.

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