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Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd


In this article, we will discuss the main comparisons between the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. So if you are confused between these two dog breeds then you are in the right place. Both dogs have their characteristics which makes them different from each other. They belong to the same sheepdog family and are very well known as military dogs. They have comparable appearances, with sharp ears and similar fur coat coloring.

 German Shepherd

German Shepherd is no doubt the most popular dog breed which is renowned for being both hard-working and highly intelligent and that’s the reason why these dogs are often trained for security purposes. German Shepherds have less attacking speed and are less aggressive as compared to Belgian Malinoises. They are also very loyal and loving dogs that will guard you until their last breath, but it is also important to train them well from the beginning. If the training is continuous and consistent then the dog will give you a positive output.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinoises are very energetic and playful dogs, being trained for security purposes as well as a family companion. These athletic dogs have fawn color, short hair, and they were originally bred in Malines, Belgium. Apart from excellent security qualities, that can provide high protection, these dogs are also good in many different types of competitions as these are one of the most playful and energetic dogs.



German Shepherds have a positive temperament and they are not at all shy which means they will like going around new people and exploring new and different activities. German Shepherds will love their owners more than they love their selves. Their temperament will always be positive and obedient because of their loving and caring nature.

Now if we talk about Belgium Malinoises then their temperament and behavior matters of how you treat them. They have an aggressive nature and their temperament can get worst if you will not invest some time in training, especially with other animals or with small children. They are not so comfortable with meeting new people and are a little bit possessive with their owners so it is recommended that you take precautions before presenting them to strangers. But once you understand their personality these are surely very loving and caring dogs.


Both dog breeds have in general good health condition but there are some extremes they don’t like. Very hot weather can weaken the health of German Shepherds and excessive cold weather can harm Belgium Malinoises health. Their diet plays an important role in their development so you must provide them good nutrition. Both are prone to allergies and dermatitis and being medium to large-sized breeds they can suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia.


German Shepherds are highly intelligent and they catch on very quickly. You must normally start the training from their young age because as they get older their reflexes become weaker and you will not enjoy so easily all their attention. If you need your German Shepherd to be trained for security purposes then you should reach professional help. 

It is said that Belgium Malinoises are a bit more intelligent and quicker learners than the German Shepherds. They tend to get involved faster in activities with their owners and stay longer focused if something good motivates them. So we can say the training process of these dogs is a bit easier than the one of the German Shepherds. However, both breeds are really good companions once they are trained properly and often become the most loyal dogs. Remember: all dogs should be trained positively, in a way that will not affect them physically or mentally!

Fur coat

The German Shepherds are medium to large-sized dogs, with black colored noses, almond-shaped eyes with light to dark brown tones. Their fur is double-coated, normally with tan and black blends. The main downfall it’s that they shed all the year long, and even though you’ll brush its fur many times a day, it will still live a big mess behind, so clearly it’s not suited for living in apartments.

The coat of Belgium Malinoises is also double-layered but with short hair and normally fawn or mahogany colored. They have a light undercoat and hard topcoat that provide a high amount of protection against the bad weather conditions. They shed twice a year but still are easier to groom than a German Shepherd.


So we hope you’ve got an idea of which dog is better for you as everyone has its favorite. Some people are a big fan of German Shepherds, the famous military police dogs while others the prefer the Belgium Malinoises, but if you ask us both dogs are highly intelligent and obedient, being either good companions or working service dogs.

Joellen Davis
Jo is a proud owner of two dogs, a 5-year-old beagle, Juno, and a 4-year-old Hungarian Vizsla, Rina. 3 years ago, when she married Robert, the pet gang expanded with their cat Tom, who is now 6 years old. Jo is a freelance writer passionate about nutrition and healthy lifestyle, but her great "weakness" are pets. Nothing delights her more than when her advice proves valuable to readers. As a pet owner but also from the perspective of an excellent research writer, with an objective thinking, Jo aims to help pet parents to create a balanced environment, pleasant for the whole family, with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, positive motivation, and prevention.


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