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11 Best Cat Hammocks in 2020: Pick Their New Favorite Place To Hang


Cats always feel happy when they spend time in a comfortable environment where they can observe everything or just take a peaceful nap. Hammocks for cats are a good idea to keep the whole family happy: cats will no longer steal the resting place of people or dogs in the household, and cats, who have a strong territorial sense, will appreciate that they have their private and personal spot.

There are several types of hammocks on the market, which generally differ in mounting method, place of installation, comfort, quality, or other special features. 

Our selection is not necessarily a top, but rather a complete list with the best cat hammocks on the market, each excelling in its category. Whether you are looking for a cat window hammock, one that can be mounted on the wall, or maybe a cat activity tree with a hammock, here you will find our product recommendations, selected from the multitude of models on the market.

Let’s see what style of hammock is best fitted to you, to pamper your cat this season.

Best Perch Window Cat HammockBest Cat Hammock Perch Window

We start our list with a cat hammock model created for window mounting. It comes in two styles, one with a single level and one with two levels, for houses with more than one pet or if you want to offer your cat comfort and fun on two levels.

K&H cat hammock is designed for both small and large cats. It has a durable frame made of steel, nylon straps, and it features stiff suction cups; altogether, it can hold up over 100 lbs. For mounting, you will need a window surface measuring at least 23 inches. This comfy, good-looking window perch cat hammock is foldable so you can quickly close the curtains when required and comes with an easily removable and washable mat. 

Imagine this hammock as your comfortable corner, a balcony, or a terrace with a view where you can read a book, or from which you can observe in any season everything that happens outside. It will be the same feeling for your cat, a new favorite place, but she will most likely spy your neighbor’s pets, follow birds or other creatures with greater interest than reading books. 

 Key Features:

  • comes in two styles: Single Level and Double Stack
  • removable and washable mat
  • high-quality suction cups
  • thick nylon straps
  • great for sunbaths and naps

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Best Cat Hammock For Hanging Outdoor

Best Cat Hammock Hanging Outdoor

If what you need is a hammock with a single point attachment and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Happypie hammock is the right choice. This hanging bed is made of a waterproof and UV resistant material. It is very comfortable and spacious and has three doors for quick and easy access so that the cat does not feel trapped inside. 

Happypie is portable and easy to install. You can take it with you on vacation, on a visit, and in this way, your cat will have its favorite and familiar place wherever you go, feeling safe.

It has a cute design, similar to a tent, which will look great in any house, on the balcony, terrace, or indoors. The purchase comes including a strap for tree mounting, fixing anchors, and also with a string of lights for night decoration. 

Key Features:

  • can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • waterproof and UV resistant
  • easy to install
  • equipped with three doors for quick access and exit

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Best Cat Hammock with Crib

Best Cat Hammock Scratching Crib

If you want to take your cat’s comfort to the next level, we suggest you take a look at this product. Trixie Tree offers more possibilities for relaxation, play, or sleep. At the top, it is equipped with a comfortable hammock, made of a fluffy plush material, surrounded by a metal frame for body support. The hammock is supported by two pillars clad in natural sisal that will serve as scratching posts, ideal for protecting other objects in the house from damage.

At the base of the tree is a bed ready to receive its sleepers in the most comfortable way possible. The crib is spacious, dressed in long-haired plush, and will give your cat the privacy it needs.

In addition to all these features, your kitten will have at hand a toy hanging from a rope, a bouncing pom-pom to entertain her when she is tired of being comfortable and lazy in her new “villa.”

Key Features:

  • Covered with comfy plush material 
  • Scratching posts with natural sisal
  • It’s a stand-alone hammock doesn’t need mounting
  • Comes with a toy on a string
  • Natural cream color, easy to blend in your house decor

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Best Cat Hammock for Cage or Under Chair Mounting

Best Cat Hammock Hanging Cage Chair

Another type of hammock is one with a four-point fastening system. It is suitable for mounting in cages giving some extra comfort, very handy in shelters or houses with several cats that need privacy. It can also be caught under various tables or chairs using the extra adjustable strap, saving space around while your cat hides and relaxes as it likes. 

The hammock has two sides with different materials, a soft plush side for the cold season when your cat needs extra coziness and a waterproof and cooling part for when it’s hot. Cusfull hammock is easy to clean, can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, using a washing bag for the metal hooks on the corners.

This hammock bed wins our top pick for the best cage and under chair mounting hammock. It comes in three colors, and it’s a comfortable, durable swing that gives your cat a suitable setting for hanging out.  

 Ket Features:

  • type of hanging that saves space 
  • comfy turnable sides
  • light-weighted and portable
  • comes in three colors
  • also suitable for other small animals in the household up to 35 lbs

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Best Hammock for Multiple or Large Cats

Best Cat Hammock Large  Multiple Cats

In a house with several cats, there will always be a race for the most comfortable place, with a proper perspective on everything that moves around. If this is the case in your home, we suggest choosing a hammock that supports more weight for those moments when your cats decide to share the spot.

This window-mounted hammock is made of durable materials, strong large suction cups, sturdy frame, and rubber-coated stainless steel cables for excellent support. It has a base made of a resistant mesh material, covered by a detachable and washable fleece pillow for extra comfort.

The hammock is very easy to install following the instructions without the need for any extra tools. It will soon become your cat’s new favorite lazy place, with a great view of the surroundings that will keep them busy for hours.

Key features:

  • large-sized window hammock that holds up to 60 lbs.
  • solid and durable components
  • easy to install 
  • includes a machine-washable fleece blanket
  • perfect for relaxing while admiring the view

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Best Cat Hammock with Scratching Post

Best Cat Hammock Scratching Post

To satisfy the cat’s scratching instinct and for an even more restful sleep, Paws & Pals presents the 3-in-1 tree. It has a solid construction, made of pressed wood, and is very easy to assemble and super fun for cats.

Its cover is made of fluffy fleece material, and the supporting pillars that serve as scratching posts are wrapped in sisal rope. The hammock area is durable and supports the cat’s body well in any position. The tree includes a ball on a string for countless times when your cat is ready to play.

Paws & Pals is an excellent hammock with scratching post included for those who want to save space, but also desire an elegant piece of furniture that fits in their home, that does not take over and disturb the furnishings of the room.

Key Features:

  • cozy suspended hammock bed
  • two scratching posts with natural sisal rope
  • playing area with a fluffy toy ball
  • super easy to assemble 
  • excellent quality materials and sturdy structure

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Best Cat Hammock – Window Bubble Style

Best Cat Hammock Window Bubble

An ingenious hammock model comes from K&H Pet Products, known for durable constructions using quality materials. This Bubble Hammock is mounted on the window with clamp in four good quality suction cups. It has exits at both ends, view outside the window but also towards the room, to feel safe. 

It is ideal for relaxing in the sun during the day, admiring the scenery outdoor, or even sleeping at night. The hammock comes in two colors, green or tan, and includes a comfortable pad that can be detached and washed in the washing machine. 

For easy maintenance, you can vacuum the hair on it periodically. 

Cat owners say that they and their cats immediately fall in love with this cute window hammock, which looks great in any home decor but is also highly practical, keeping the cat happy all day long. 

 Key Features:

  • window mounting saves space 
  • made from light soft EVA material 
  • comes with a washable padding 
  • includes a bubble window 
  • high-quality suction cups that hold up to 60 lbs

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Best Cat Hammock Tree

Best Cat Hammock Tree

If you have realized that what you are looking for is, in fact, a whole place for both fun and rest with a built-in hammock, this is the product you should see further. Feandrea cat tree is a real entertainment lounge composed of several levels that offer plentiful comfortable sitting possibilities. 

In the hammock, on the porch or in the two-door cave, where do you think your kitten will spend the most time? At the base of the tree, there is a ramp covered in natural sisal for scratching, which can also serve as a ladder for growing kittens. 

The tree has a soft, comfy plush fabric covering, rounded corners, a stable and durable construction that is easy to assemble, ready to receive its playful and jumping masters. We recommend this tree for small cats and those owners who don’t have a lot of space for large playgrounds.  

Key Features:

  • large scratching post covered with natural sisal
  • plenty resting or playing spots
  • soft fabric and sturdy construction
  • smaller than others, it doesn’t take up much space
  • all in one entertaining station

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Best Stand-Alone Cat Hammock

Best Cat Hammock Standalone

Another type of hammock that can prove to be your cat’s favorite place in the house and your new cool piece of furniture is a suspended bed where your furry one will lie down with pleasure all day. 

It has a simple and elegant design that stands out in any house and is created from natural materials with pleasant colors. It has a well-finished and waxed wooden frame, easy to install, with non-slip patches attached at the base of every foot and fine cuts for fixing the hammock. 

The linen is made of an excellent and durable cotton blend fabric that can be cleaned by hand or machine. It resists scratches and supports heavyweights, several small cats, or one weighing up to 22 pounds. You can move this hammock around the house as you like, but you may have to carry it with the cat because she will not want to get out of it too soon.

Key Features:

  • comfortable, high-quality, cotton blended textile
  • natural beech frame, well finished
  • easy to install
  • comes with anti-slip patches at the bottom 
  • it looks like a designer piece of furniture

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Best Wall Mounting Cat Hammock

Best Cat Hammock Wall Mounting

Were you thinking of a more unique and creative hammock than the classic ones, and do you have a wall available for that? Catastrophic Creations presents a different kind of hammock, a raceway lounger wall-mounted cat shelving! We know it might sound crazy, but how about giving your cat a little adrenaline, a new playground, or a relaxation spot at a higher level? 

Cats like to climb and look at everything from above, so with this piece of furniture, you will surely capture their attention. You will save space in the house, and your cat will gain a safe space, just for her. It’s ideal for homes with several cats or those with different kinds of pets because it can solve territory problems. 

The product is skillfully made of high-quality, durable materials. The wood structure is sturdy, and the canvas is thick and easily removable for washing. Another exciting feature is that it is highly customizable, with a modular design that allows you to build and expand over time. Stylish and practical, this is how we describe this hammock in two words. 

Key Features:

  • chic wall mounted cat hammock design 
  • handcrafted strong wood structure
  • thick canvas, removable and washable 
  • great for playing, climbing, and sleeping 
  • holds up to 120 lbs (approx ten cats per hammock)

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Best Fashionable Cat Hammock

Best Cat Hammock Fashionable

If you dream of a hammock for your cat that will be the piece of resistance in your home decor, take a look here. This is a boho style bed swing, with a natural and versatile color, braided from macrame, and will be your cat’s new Instagram corner. 

The hammock comes with a comfortable and removable cat pillow. But beware that it cannot be anchored, and when your cat jumps into it, it will sway. Also, support ropes and fringes can be tempting for your cat, and the material can become thinner from scratches. You know your cat best and can determine if this hammock can also be practical, besides the fact that it looks quite stylish. 

Key Features:

  • hammock with a decorative design 
  • natural handmade braided macrame 
  • holds up to 40 lbs 
  • suitable for cat photoshoots

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How to choose the best hammock for your cat

Beds are essential accessories for comfort your pet. They also look attractive, stylish, and classy in your house. You will be able to provide your pet with a very comfortable environment for an undisturbed and stress-free nap. Choosing your favorite hammock for the first time may be a bit challenging. You need to figure out some of the main concerns associated with the space of your room, home decor, the size of your cat, portability, and durability. Here are some things you need to consider when searching the best hammock for your cat.

High quality and durable materials

Durability is the key when it comes to any accessory related to your pet. You need to select a hammock sturdy enough that can resist jumps, acrobatics, scratches, or naps for a long time. Depending on the model, you must ensure that it has durable straps, suction cups, structures, or hanging hooks. Look for high-quality materials, textiles, paddings to avoid disappointments in the long run.

Availability of space and type of mounting

Before purchasing a hammock, you must make sure that you check the room available in your house. If you have a limited space, you must consider buying a hanging bed since it can save more space on the floor. Those who prefer a stand-alone hammock must make sure the hammock won’t get in their way. For homes with toddlers or dogs, we recommend suspended beds to give your cat a private, stress-free spot. The type of mounting is essential since it determines the spacing and ideal location of your pet hammock in any room layout. 

The type of mounting is essential in choosing the hammock and depends on where you want to place it. If it’s for the cage, you need a hammock with hooks on the heads, if you’re going to give your cat a view on the window, the type of mounting will be with suction cups and so on.

Weight size and specification

Before you buy the perfect cozy spot for your pet, consider the weight and size specifications. This way, you will make sure that your cat fits well in the hammock and that it will safely support its weight. Also, check the dimensions of the hammock and compare them with your available space to avoid the inconvenience of not fitting. Choose a sturdier piece of furniture if you use it for more than one cat or a heavy pet. 

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